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Welcome to the DomainZaar support center where you'll find Support Documentation, Tutorial Videos and Frequently Asked Questions for D-Park Pro Domain Parking Script.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Q ~ What are the system requirements? 

D-Park Pro Domain Parking Script:
Web Hosting and Domain Name with*
*PHP 5.0 or higher with PEAR
*Apache mod rewrite with permissions to use .htaccess files
*Recommended: Linux Host, PHP 5.0, Cpanel.

If you are in doubt whether your host can run the script, ask them.

Expired Domain Finder:
Windows 9x/2000/ME/XP/Vista/W7
Internet Explorer 4+

Q ~ Is any web design or programming expertise required? 

Absolutely not!
If you can use the internet you can use this script.

Q ~ How easy is the D-Park Pro Script to Install? 

Very easy. It only takes a couple of minutes.

Simply: Extract the files that are inside D-Park Pro Folder > Upload everything to your server > Create a MySQL database and import the included SQL file into it > Update the database connection string. Sounds complicated? If you are having trouble, email us and we'll take care of the installation for you.
More detailed installation instructions can be found here: D-Park Pro Set Up

Q ~ How many times can I install a D-Park Pro Domain Parking Script? 

For D-Park Pro Platinum and D-Park Pro Gold, as many times as you like! You can install the script on as many hosts as you see fit. The only restriction is that use must remain exclusive to one user or business entity, you must not share or resell the script. For all other versions, please refer to the limitations outlined during your purchase.

Q ~ How many domains does the D-Park Pro Domain Parking Script support? 


Q ~ Why wouldn't I just park my domains with a domain parking company? 

Good question. When you park your domain, the domain parking company shares some of their revenue with you. However, what you have to realize is that the parking company only gets paid a percentage of revenue from the ad network, which is usually Google....

For Example. If a click is worth $0.50 to Google and they share 40%, then the traffic source (the domain parking company) gets paid $0.20. In exchange for parking your domain you share part of that $0.20. If you created your own parked page you get the entire $0.20. For the extra 15 minutes of work in setting up your own parked page with our script, it’s more than worth it!


D-Park Pro Tutorial Videos

Video ~ Quick Setup
Video ~ Wizzard
Video ~ Page Creator
Video ~ Manage Domains
Video ~ Manage Images


User's Guide ~ System Requirements
User's Guide ~ D-Park Pro Easy Setup Guide
User's Guide ~ D-Park Pro Full User Manual
User's Guide ~ Expired Domain Finder Documentation
User's Guide ~ Bonus Pack Licence Information
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