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Bonus Pack Licensing Terms

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The sales license, described and set forth on this document for the collection of the scripts listed below:

  • 401 Neutralizer
  • Access Portal Analyzer
  • Affiliate Ad Rotator
  • Agents of Fortune Flatfile Version
  • Agents of Fortune PROFESSIONAL
  • Agents Unlimited
  • All Whois
  • Anypage
  • Automatic MYSQL Backup
  • Autopopper Secure Email Att Syst
  • Autoresponder System
  • AVS Check
  • Automatic Bookmark
  • Autonic
  • Automatic Useradd
  • Autothumb
  • Bandwidth Valve
  • Banner Rotator
  • Banner Gate
  • Batch Credit Card Processor
  • Black Widow
  • CGI Spammer Jammer
  • Chameleon
  • Clickblaster
  • Clicktraders Link Exchange System
  • Credit Card Fraud Scrubber
  • Cyberstash
  • Database
  • Dbay Auction Software
  • DNS Alert
  • Domain Name Appraiser
  • Domain Name Popularity Scanner
  • Domain Stalker
  • Email Cash Plus
  • Fake Crontab
  • Fake ID
  • File Uploader
  • Form-Mail 2000
  • Form Mail Replicator
  • Free 4 All Link Network
  • Guestbook Replicator
  • Hot Link Nuke
  • HTML Parser
  • HTML Rotator
  • IBILL Processor
  • Installment Plan
  • Internet Postcards
  • Keyword Harvester
  • Land Mine
  • Link Sorter
  • Magic 8 Ball
  • Mail Jacker
  • Mailman
  • Mail Stats
  • Mastergate
  • Matchmasters
  • Matchmasters Pro
  • Microcities
  • Micro Email Extractor
  • Microsearch
  • MimeMailer
  • MimeMailer II
  • Multiple Domain Host
  • MXplorer (with modules)
  • Newswire
  • Newsbot
  • Nightly Backup
  • On Hold Domain Scanner
  • Opt In Pro
  • Password Hurler
  • Password Nazi
  • Paypal Shopping Cart
  • PC Authorize Gateway
  • Perl Script Decrypter
  • Poetry Bot
  • ProxyBurner
  • Batch Regular Expression Filter
  • Remote FTP Server
  • Replicating Guestbook
  • Revshare Pro
  • Revshare Toolkit Flatfile System
  • Sales Lead Generator
  • Safelist Pro
  • Site Search Pro
  • Slot Machine
  • Smart Start Page
  • Snake Killer
  • SpamBam
  • Spy Mailer
  • Spam Terminator
  • Stealth Server
  • Supercart
  • Superchat
  • Supercloaker
  • Superclix FLATFILE system
  • Superclix PRO
  • Superfetch
  • Supergate Recurring Billing System
  • Supermall
  • Super Sorter
  • Super Spider
  • Super Whois
  • Webtrendz Superstats
  • Topsites
  • Usenet Autoresponder
  • Usenet Email Extractor
  • Virtual Telnet
  • Vterm for
  • Vterm
  • Wahoo
  • Whois Data Parser
  • Worm Burner
  • Xtractorpro


This collection of scripts is sold on the following terms which we ask that you MUST agree to:

1. You have purchased the collection of scripts with a Master Resale License. This means that you have the right to resell these scripts and pass master resale rights on to your customers.

2. You can resell this collection of the scripts or create your collection with scripts included to the collection and/or with other scripts or any type of legal products you wish to sell or promote. By including scripts of this collection to any other product you may create this Agreement has effect to your final product too as long as the scripts are included to your new product.

3. The scripts are provided 'as is', and is without warranty or technical support.

4. or any of the Master Resellers or any of the plain Resellers can not be held liable for any direct or indirect damages associated with the use of any of these scripts. In any case in NO EVENT shall the liability for any damages, losses and/or causes of action exceed the total amount paid by the user for this collection.

5. This collection of scripts or any of the scripts that consist this collection:

a. Must NOT given away for free - under any circumstances. You may price the collection however you wish, in accordance with International pricing laws, and the laws of your own country.
b. Can be included inside a membership site.
c. Can be packaged with other products or services.

6. You are responsible for hosting and running the scripts to your server, and processing credit card payments, or payments on sales received by any other method. We accept no responsibility for establishing or maintaining any area of your sales activities. There are no guarantees on earnings being received from this collection. That is solely dependant on your own efforts, which you must accept full responsibility for. You may create your own sales letter or marketing material or literature to promote and ultimately sell the collection of the scripts. You are responsible for ensuring that your sales letter is honest, in accordance with the laws of the country you are advertising in, and true to the product.

7. You may not market the collection of these scripts in any immoral, unethical, or illegal manner, including the use of spam, safe-lists or off-topic newsgroup postings. Again: You MUST NOT use unsolicited email (spam) under any circumstances.

8. There is a strict NO refund policy with the Master Resale Rights License under any circumstances.

9. You MUST include this document when distributing the collection of the scripts - or part of them - to your customers, if you are offering resale rights to those customers.

10. Your license is bound to these terms, and failure to comply with any point mentioned herewith may result in immediate revocation of your sales license, and seizure of rights to promote or sell these scripts. Furthermore, if we feel, based on our own personal opinion and that of our corporation, that you have misused, or have engaged in any form of unethical actions or malpractice, we may revoke your license at any time, and request that you cease promotion immediately.

11. This Agreement will be governed by the laws of the United States, International Laws and relevant law of your country, excluding the application of its conflicts of law rules.

If you have any questions about this Agreement please direct all correspondence to the Master Reseller that sold this collection or part of this collection to you.

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