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System Requirements

D-Park Pro Domain Parking Script:

  • Web Hosting and Domain Name with*
  • *PHP 5.0 or higher with PEAR
  • *Apache mod rewrite with permissions to use .htaccess files
  • Recommended: Linux Host, PHP 5.0, Cpanel

Expired Domain Finder:

  • Windows 9x/2000/ME/XP/Vista/W7
  • Internet Explorer 4+

Easy Setup Guide

    Unzip the package from the winzip archive.

    Upload ALL files inside D-Park Pro folder to your web host.

    Ensure permissions to the following files and are set to 777 (CHMOD):
    - /rss folder and everything that is inside. This includes:
    - /rss/google.txt file
    - /rss/yahoo.txt file
    - /rss/bing.txt file
    - /rss/other.txt file
    - /files folder
    - /files/images/ folder

    -create a mysql database in your control panel by going to "MySQL Databases" tab (you can choose any name you want for the database).
    -create a user for the database from inside the "MySQL Databases" tab and give that user full permissions for the database you just created.
    -import database.sql file that is included in the zipped archive to the newly created database. You can do this by going to phpMyAdmin, left clicking on the database you created, then clicking "Import" tab, clicking "Browse" and selecting database.sql that is inside this archive, and then clicking "Go".
    -upload the files that are inside the D-Park Pro folder to your domain root folder (this would be your public_html folder).
    -edit file that is located inside the "/includes" folder to match your database connection details (put the exact database name, user and password that you used).
    **You will be changing the values of the following variables (only change the value that is inside the quotes):
    var $Database = "PutYourDatabaseNameHere";
    var $User = "UserNameGoesHere";
    var $Password = "PasswordGoesHere";

    The script is now installed.

    If you are getting a syntax error after installation, this likely means your server is using PHP4 instead of PHP5 (even if PHP5 is installed, the website may still be using PHP 4). In order to fix this put the following 2 lines in your .htaccess file:

    AddType x-mapp-php5 .php
    AddHandler x-mapp-php5 .php

    Navigate to your primary domain to begin.

    After logging in you should change your password from the default password to something you can remember. If you forget your password you can use the forget password function on the login page. It will email details on how you can change your password to the email address you specify in general settings.

    ----- Parking additional domains ------

    Step 1: Park the additional accounts you are looking to park using the "parked domains" tab in cpanel of the master account where the script is installed, entering the domain name, and clicking "park".
    **NOTE: when parking multiple domains, you can use DomainZaar cPanel bulk park script that's included free of charge (hidden bonus #3!).
    **NOTE #2: if you are using Plesk, you need to go to your domain where the script is installed, click on Domain Aliases, then for each additional domain click Add Domain Alias. This accomplishes the same thing as parking in cPanel.
    Step 2: Log in to your administrator panel ( using default user name "admin" and password "admin" (you can change this after logging in). Once logged in, click on "Manage Domains". Add domains to D-Park Pro either by uploading a .txt file with the list of all domains or adding 1 by 1. If you are adding many domains through a .txt file, it could take a while, so don't panic if you see D-Park Pro hanging while it's adding.
    Step 3: Change DNS of all sub-accounts to match the DNS of the master account where the script is installed.
  • Problems? Contact Us.

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  • Bonus Pack Licence
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