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Expired Domain Finder Documentation

More Documents can be found inside the program by selecting HELP.

This software will help you to find expired domain names, as well as help to choose or create domain names. 

Expired domain names can be very valuable, especially if they have existing traffic that can be harnessed or redirected.  There are many websites available that list expired domain names, but competition for those domains can be intimidating.  Using this software, which is similar to what expired domain name websites use to find their domains, you can be the first one to know about an expired domain and essentially eliminate all competition. 

Domains can be found through automated Yahoo/Google searches or by browsing the website of your choice and extracting all the domains from the page.  This ensures that any domain that is expired has existing links, which increases the value of the domain.  You can also generate domain lists or automatically search through the extensive wordlists provided for great unregistered domains.

If you are a member of an expired domains website you know that many of the domains are incorrectly listed as "available", when in reality they have recently been purchased.  Using the "browse for domains" feature you can visit the membership site and quickly scan all the domains on the page to see which ones are really available.

There are so many potential money-making uses for this software that it is impossible to list them all, but this guide will provide you with a detailed overview of all functions available.

New in this version is the ability to search for domain names on any Top Level Domain (TLD).  Please be sure to read the Setup section for information on enabling, disabling, and adding Top Level Domains.


To install the application, simply unzip the files from the winzip archive, run the setup file and follow instructions on screen.

After installing the program you should run the setup dialog by selecting Options>Setup.

The setup dialog allows you to configure the way domains are looked up. It is recommended that you do not change these settings (beyond toggling them on/off) unless you are familiar with domains and whois servers, doing so without a proper understanding could adversely affect the operation of the software.

If you accidentally make a change that you cannot fix, you can restore the list by pressing "Restore Defaults."

More Documents can be found inside the program by selecting HELP.

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